Proud Distributor of Omron Products in USA: Hermitage Automations

OMRON Automation is a leading manufacturer of intelligent industrial automation products for factory automation, healthcare, mobility, and energy management industries. Since 1933, OMRON has been aiding businesses across the globe in the automation and electronic components industry by solving problems with creativity and reputation.

Hermitage Automation & Controls is a proud distributor for OMRON’s diverse products in the USA. Hermitage Automation & Controls aims to provide a variety of automotive applications such as Motion Control, Sensor, Vision Inspection, Drives, PLC, Machine Safety, Pneumatic, Network, Ethernet, Mechanical, Linear and Robotic – most of these categories are manufactured by OMRON and hence allows Hermitage Automation & Controls to be OMRON’s automotive and electronics distributor effectively.

Omron distributor

OMRON Automation Products

OMRON leverages its global network and passion for creativity to tackle complex problems in various industries, like automotive, electronics, packaging, life sciences, and more. All industrial automation products manufactured by OMRON and supplied by Hermitage Automation & Controls are listed below:

AC Inverters:  OMRON’s AC Inverters combine the same high level of quality and performance for which Omron is renowned.

Machine Vision:  OMRON’s machine vision is used by businesses worldwide to provide imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis.

Operated Interface Terminal (OIT): OMRON’s OITs are known for being powerful and affordable operator interface terminals.

Panel Meter: OMRON manufactures various types of panel meters that are capable of high-speed and precision performance.

Counters (Digital): OMRON offers various types of digital counters to aid your business in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Industrial Software: A collection of programs, information, and processes have allowed OMRON to provide industrial software that reduces waste, increases efficiency, and detects risks, etc.

DC Power Supply: OMRON manufactures Direct Current Power Supplies of the highest quality available on the market.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC): OMRON’s PLCs streamline your manufacturing process with advanced logic controllers that put you fully in control of your application.

Relay Sockets (Industrial): Their relay sockets provide the electrical interface between the relay itself and the circuit.

RFID (Radio-frequency Identification): OMRON is one of the few manufacturers of RFIDs under Hermitage Automation & Controls. As always, their RFIDs are of the highest quality and will deliver according to your expectations.

Safety Products: Safety Interlock Switches, Light Curtains, and Mats (STI OMRON)

Servo Controls/Motor: The highest quality of Servo Motors and Controls are manufactured by OMRON; these products are sure to increase your business’s productivity and efficiency.

Timers: OMRON’s timers are used across the world in the automation industry to control operations with a specified time interval of repetitive nature.

Sensors Manufactured by OMRON

OMRON Sensing components detect, measure, analyze, and process different types of changes that occur on production sites. These changes may be changes in position, height, length, appearance, and displacement. They most definitely also contribute to predicting and further preventing future events. Some of these sensors are stated below:

Photoelectric Sensors: These sensors detect photo-optical workpieces. OMRON provides several versions, including diffuse-reflective, through-beam, retro-reflective, and distance-settable sensors, as well as sensors that come with built-in or separate amplifiers.

Proximity Sensors: Proximity sensors are available in models using high-frequency oscillation to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects and in capacitive models to detect non-metal objects. OMRON offers models with environmental resistance, heat resistance, and resistance to chemicals and water.

Temperature Sensor: Used for measuring process conditions and to adjust the rate of heat to deliver the heating profile required by the product.

Vision Sensors and Systems: Analyzing images to perform appearance inspections, character inspections, positioning, and defect inspections.