Hermitage Automation & Controls is an Automation Solution Provider.

We offer a wide range of industrial automation products from over 100 recognized manufacturers. Our Sales Engineers and Product Specialist Engineers are here to support you in a variety of applications such as Motion Control, Sensor, Vision Inspection, Drives, PLC, Machine Safety, Pneumatic, Network, Ethernet, Mechanical, Linear and Robotic.

Since 1979 we’ve served the food and beverage, packaging, material handling, tobacco, textile, power, semi-conductor and other such industries. You can count on our team to find the solution you need, and follow through with exceptional customer service. Please call us at 1-800-969-3030 to discuss your application. We want to be Your Distributor of Choice.

Latest News & Products

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SAB is a focused supplier to the Automation & Robotics Industry, providing solutions that meet, exceed and set new standards
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MIR Demo On Tour
The week of 3/18-22/2019, we will have a demonstration unit of the new MiR 500 Mobile Industrial Robot on the
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