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Industrial Automation by OMRON

OMRON Automation OMRON Automation is a leading manufacturer of intelligent industrial automation products for factory automation, healthcare, mobility, and energy management industries. Since 1933, OMRON has been aiding businesses across the globe, in the automation and electronic components industry by solving problems with creativity and reputation. Hermitage Automation & Controls is a proud distributor for Read the full article…

Circuit Breaker

What is a Circuit Breaker? How does a Circuit Breaker work?

What is a Circuit Breaker? Circuit breakers are automated electrical switches that are specifically designed to safeguard an electrical circuit from any damage caused due to excess current from an overload or short circuit. The mechanical device disturbs the flow of high magnitude faulty current and further performs the function of a switch. It is Read the full article…

Main Difference between Contactor and Starter

Contactor and it features Contactors are one of the most common and widely used devices in the field of power distribution. A contactor is an electrically-controlled switch. It is a device that switches more than 15 amperes. It is a special type of relay. People use it for switching an electrical power circuit. This circuit Read the full article…

What is the difference between an ac and dc motor?

An electromechanical machine that converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy is called an electric motor. These are the devices that produce a rotational force which is processed through operative automation.  The functioning of the electric motor mainly relies on the interaction of magnetic and electric fields. The commonly used parts used in electric motors Read the full article…

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