Engineering Services – Rates Schedule Hourly Rate

Design Engineering Services including System Control Panel Design, PLC Software Development or Consulting Services – Telephone assistance , during normal business hours, is typically provided at no charge on Hermitage purchased equipment or materials. After hours assistance is available at a nominal charge – (see note #2)


On-Site Engineering Services – Non Emergency (see note #3) –
Service during regular business hours, weekdays 8:00am – 6:00pm.


Overtime Hours –
Weekdays after 6:00pm, over 10 hours/day or any hours on weekend days.


Holiday Hours –
Any legally recognized holiday, US, state or federal, including weekend days

On-Site Services – Emergency Service (see note #4) Hourly Rate

Overtime hours (over 10 hours/day)


Weekend days or Holidays (any hours worked)

Travel Charges Rates

Travel Time, site to site (non emergency)

$150.00 / hr.

Travel Time, site to site (emergency)

Billed at Emergency Rates per above

Travel/Living Expenses –
Expenses for air fare, rental car, personal car mileage, gas/oil,tolls, meals, hotel, etc. (see note #5)

Billed at Cost + $100 Processing Fee



This schedule applies if no prior agreement between the customer and Hermitage is applicable. Services can be included as a part of the system,excluding emergency services.
Minimum 1 hour charge applied to any service call.


Hermitage engineer determines charges, up to $90.00/hr. The customer is to arrange after hours assistance in advance, such as an after hours start-up. Hermitage does not offer a 24 hour service line. Many of our suppliers offer their own 24 hour service. Contact your Hermitage Salesperson for these telephone numbers.


Services performed at the customer site with advanced scheduling at least 1 week in advance. Contact the Hermitage Engineer to schedule service work.
Minimum 1 hour charge applied to any service call.


Emergency Service is defined as service work performed at the customer site with no prior scheduling or less than 1 week notice. Emergency services are typically performed in response to a serious system malfunction.
Minimum 1 hour charge applied to any service call.


Hermitage will make every effort to insure reasonable travel expenses. Typically, air fare and rental car expenses are related to the amount of response time allowed for travel. Air fare rates are substantially less with 14 days advanced notice. A rental car will be provided to the Hermitage staff while on site (outside Virginia).