Zero-Max is a leading power transmission components manufacturer renowned for making great products. The company has been continuing its operation for over 70 years. Its goal is to provide best-in-class products and services to customers. They have built a reputation for providing high-quality, customizable, premium products that improve customer results.

ZERO MAX Distributor and Product Supplier

Hermitage Automation works as a Zero-Max distributor in USA and supply product with customers’ requirements and expectations.

Zero-Max Products:

Zero-Max mainly produces industrial motion control products. They have a reputation for innovative design, quality and durability of product performance.

Zero-Max delivers the right solution for application with their in-house expert team of engineers. Below are some of the top products.

High-Performance Flexible Shaft Couplings:

Zero-Max is an industry-leading Flexible Shaft Coupling manufacturer. Flexible shaft couplings are an essential component in many power transmission applications. They are used to connect two shafts while allowing for misalignment, and they can accommodate angular, parallel, and axial motion.

Zero-Max offers Flexible Shaft Couplings in various models and styles, including Composite Disc shaft couplings, ServoClass shaft couplings, Control-Flex shaft couplings, and Schmidt Couplings. A client can also request custom shaft couplings to meet unique application requirements.

Overhung Load Adaptors:

An overhung load adaptor is a device used to support an overhung load. It is typically used when the overhung load is too heavy for the structure to support without an adaptor. Overhung load adaptors are mainly used in construction and industrial settings.

Power Transmission Solutions:

Zero-Max provides different types of motion control and power transmission products. All are durable, high quality, and deliver excellent performance. Their top power transmission solutions are:

  • Overload safety devices.
  • Adjustable speed drives.
  • Crown gear right angle gearboxes.
  • Roh’Lix® linear actuators
  • Phase adjusting hubs.

Keyless Shaft Bushings:

A keyless shaft bushing is a type of bushing that is used to secure a shaft in place without the need for a key. This type of bushing is typically used in applications where there is a need for a high degree of accuracy or where the shaft is subject to high loads.

Zero-Max offers a variety of ETP Keyless Shaft Bushings and Posi-Lok Keyless Shaft Bushings to fit your needs.

Custom Motion Control Products:

If you require a custom motion control product, look no further than the experts at Zero-Max. They have the experience and expertise to design and manufacture the perfect custom motion control product for your application.