Technical Support

As a distributor of industrial automation solutions since 1979, we provide a wealth of valuable resources in support of the products we sell. From product information and technical support to customized stocking, training, and specialized engineering, Hermitage Automation has the resources available to assist you in attaining your automation goals:

  • Engineered systems and solutions customized to address your specific needs
  • Technical assistance for start-up and troubleshooting
  • Sub-assemblies of standard components
  • Training classes covering PLC, motion control, and machine vision inspection products
  • Product information (brochures, programming examples, drawings, etc.)
  • Large inventory of both standard and customer-specific products

Our goal is to become Your Distributor of Choice, by providing you with application engineering through any one of our Product Specialists.

PLC Product Specialist

Programmable Logic Controllers are essential in today’s manufacturing environment. Increasing demand to capture, distribute, and harness plant floor production information adds a level of complexity to the already overwhelming task of selecting the most appropriate technology for your application. Our broad product offering of PLCs, industrial software, and operator interfaces, plus extensive applications experience, enable us to be an invaluable resource. Contact our PLC Product Specialist, Neil Barker, at (804) 798-4100, ext 123, on your next PLC automation project.


Motion Control Product Specialist

At Hermitage Automation, one of the main services we focus on is providing motion control products and solutions. From mechanical products including linear bearings, ball screws, AC inverters, DC drives, gear heads, couplings and actuators/motors to control products such as stepper/servo systems, and multi-axis controllers, Hermitage strives to be your Distributor of Choice. Our Motion Control Product Specialist, Calvin Hughes, will be happy to discuss your specific application requirements. He can be reached at (804) 798-4100, extension 121.

Calvin has over 25 years experience with Hermitage and can find the best solution for you. Calvin, pictured here, is conducting a test inside an enclosure.


Pneumatic Application Specialist

Hermitage offers a broad range of pneumatic automation products. They include air cylinders, grippers, solenoid valves, fittings, tubing, pressure switches, air preparation and vacuum equipment. With all of this available product, we want to assist you in making the right selection for your application.

Our Pneumatic Application Specialist, Eddie Edwards is here to answer any questions you have regarding pneumatic products. Eddie can be reached on his cell at (804) 441-4655  or at our main office phone (804) 798-4100.


Motion & Safety

In today’s manufacturing environment, worker safety is a top priority. Government safety regulations continue to increase every year as well. Hermitage Automation offers a broad range of safety products from safety interlocks, switches, light curtains and safety mats to address your safety related needs. Integrating these products, as well as others, is just as important.

Our Motion & Safety Specialist, Josh Caswell, can be reached at (434) 382-8938

We want our Product Specialists to be an extension of your in-house engineering resources. Our engineering team can assist you with application concept and development, product selection and programming, as well as after-sales service and support.

In addition to application and technical assistance, our Product Specialist Engineers can provide standard or custom training, at our facility or yours. Click on Training to learn more.

You may also review our Engineering Services – Rates Schedule.

Our dedicated engineering team also includes six outside Sales Engineers; each paired with an Inside Sales Representative for your immediate service. Based on your geographical location, we assign your company with one of these teams. Each year, our Sales Engineers attend factory training seminars and conventions to learn of new products, technologies or trends.

Now in its fourth decade, Hermitage Automation & Controls continues to build on its authorized base of manufacturers. Our valued relationships with them, coupled with our application experience, enable us to offer you engineering support, specialized training and reliable service.

We look forward to discussing and solving your application needs. Let our Product Specialist Engineers and/or Sales Engineers begin assisting you today! See Contact our Team for a complete list of our engineering staff e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

We want to be Your Distributor of Choice. Call us at 1-800-969-3030.